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From the Globe and Mail (Toronto) BNStory/Front/
Pertinent excerpt:

What makes one a nation builder is not easy to pin down. Last year, our readers showered us with 1,065 nominations and then debated the merits of each. Some were extolled for the impact they have on national life, some for putting Canadian values into practice. For some, it is a job. Others simply rise to an occasion.

The list of possibilities is nearly as limitless as the country. In the world of arts and literature, one can think of such luminaries as Pierre Berton, Alice Munro, Gordon Lightfoot, Peter Newman, Denys Arcand and Diana Krall. All have added great achievements over the past year to their life's oeuvre.


I like the "over the past year" - not just a lifetime accomplishment, but recent.

The address for voting is

There are LOTS of worthy nominees mentioned throughout the article. They're the kind of people who give us hope for the species.

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