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quote:Originally posted by jj:
i don't think Don Messer could sing either, he fiddled around istead

i remember Charlie and Marg being the main singers, Catherine MacKinnon and other guests all having a good time, that's what TV seemed to be all about, music! unless my folks never let us watch the 'other' stuff like Perry Mason, lol

btw, my one sis grew up in the heart of the city...she told me she went to her daughter's school one day and 'that Gordon Lightfoot guy' was there playing his guitar and singing for the kids (one of his kids went there also) about taking things for granted, eh?!...she said 'not a big deal really, it's not like he moves around and entertains and all that'...she's lucky i still talk to her, lol

btw, i have another sis in Orillia, they all seem pretty proud up there ...she says it's slowly turning into the big city up there (there's TWO Blockbuster's in town now, lol)

Two Blockbuster's, eh? I hope that they stop there. Orillia always sounded SO magical
to it should stay idyllic. But, guess no one can stand in the way if progress. Sigh...

You know, the Don Messer that we knew wouldn't have liked it if we'd said he was born in 1910. LOL Guess it was not the famous Don Messer.

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