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quote:Originally posted by jj:
wow, i guess i'm not surprised but i can't be the only one who was surrounded by GL music and GL discussions growing the point that it was taken for granted, didn't see him much or own much of his stuff, didn't really have to, must have been the same with Elton saturation in UK or Beach Boys in the US, no?

anyhow, i'll bet Kenyon and others (i realize many GL fans are not internet folks, or atleast not discussion board folks) who i believe grew up in the city, were smothered in Lightfoot (what a way to go, lol!)...the relatives, my folks and older bro (could constantly hear Gord coming 'through the cracks of his grammophone', lol) were either playing Gord, Anne Murray, the Guess Who or Don Messer music

the springtime always meant March break, Easter and GL at Massey...the internet, for one, made me aware that he did US tour dates, helped lots with messin' away at his chord progressions and exposed me to some great fan anecdotes, passion and wit...cheers

WOW! is the correct word! But, I say it for a different reason than you just did. I am
jealous. Really. You grew up in Toronto? At least Ontario. Eh? I mean, right? Oh-h-h-h,
I remember day dreaming of going to see him at Massey Hall. (Even memorized the streets downtown and all...just for when I ever got there....which I never have, yet.) But, we do have Leo Kottke. I know some of you know of and have heard him.

I guess we take so many things for granted when we grow up WITH them.

Oh and you mentioned the Beach Boys. Oh yes!!
They were the first group that my (future)
husband and I ever went to see together. (And we've been together ever since........

P.S. - Who is (was) Don Messer??? We had a landlord by that name, but am quite sure that he couldn't sing!!

'Rainy day people always seem to know when it's time to call; Rainy day people don't talk, they just listen, till they've heard it all.'- GL
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