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quote:Originally posted by Gord:
I never talked to anyone else about Lightfoot when I was a child, when I did open my mouth about it I was scorned, shamed and ridiculed for even admitting I listened to his music as a 9 yr old!

Actually I never knew he did concerts til 1988 and that is when I first saw him at Massey, he just put out GG2 and he played just about every song off that CD including the opening track "If it Should Please You"

Fast forward almost 30 years, now when I have Lightfoot playing in the cab... people compliment me on my good taste

Go figure!


Yes! You do have EXCELLENT taste!
I could guess that our kids never talked about Gord either, to anyone else. They were about 8 or 9 when we started bringing them to concerts. It did seem to foster a great interest in music in them, however. Our daughter is a Lightfoot fan, and our son still admires him. (Or he endulges me by seeming to. )
But, he has gone off in the entirely opposite direction and has just won best "metal guitarist" for three weeks in a row on the Guitar (now Musician's)War site.
(Oh, well, guess you one can't win them all.)

"Rainy day people always seem to know when it's time to call; Rainy day people don't talk, they just listen, till they've heard it all." - GL
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