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Default Re: Who could Gord get to replace Terry?

Originally Posted by brink- View Post
Who's going to the first concert? Inquiring minds want to know.

I have the same knot in my stomach as I did when Barry passed. I think it is wonderful of Gord and they guys to continue on, I feel they are for us - the fans that are always there, they could have packed it up. I can not imagine the hurt and pain the guys are going through - forty years together!! That is longer than my whole life (okay THAT was a lie), but is a long time to be together. Wish it was longer.
We're not going to the first show but we will attend the 9th one on March 25th in Hershey, PA. My wife and I were quite excited about getting back on the Lightfoot trail. It's very bittersweet at this point.

I hesitate to say but most of the casual fans who decide to see "Lightfoot" when he comes to their town could probably not name one band member. My point is that a large part of the audiences will not know anything is different unless there is an announcement made at the start of each show.

Of course there will be many of us there who know all the names, ages, weights and we will surely know something is different.

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