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Default Re: Concerned about Terry Clements

Originally Posted by dad2mak View Post
That brings up another related question...if something were to happen to Terry, where for some reason he was no longer able to play, would that be the end of the concerts, or is there another Red Shea/Terry Clements out there waiting in the wings to step in?
i've heard GL say that they'll keep on going til one of them succumbs to age or illness, then that will be that....them again, he has contracted his own statements (almost complete 180s) in interviews the past few years about various topics so i would take all with a grain of salt

these guys are a well-rehearsed and dependable orchestral 'unit'...Gord has strategically paid a premium for that reliability/dedication over the years...i watch Terry the most during a concert...haven't heard him have on off night since early this decade, hoping it was just that...wishing good health to the entire orchestra
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