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Originally posted by Betty:

Thanks so much for that wonderful commentary on the concerts. I'm so disappointed I couldn't attend, but everyone who has reported back has made me feel like I was there. I love the badge, nice job!
I am bringing this back to report that I have this very morning telephoned Betty who sounds terribly excited at the prospect of seeing Gord for the first time In Burlington come Saturday.
I remembered her and contacted her as soon as I saw that Burlington was on the shed-yule.
with luck the drying out process at the Flynn Theatre will be complete by Saturday and I hope we will be able to dine with Betty before the concert.
I also contacted a Burlington solicitor Michael Burak who I knew might be interested in going and he has rounded up a pair of old schoolfriends with whom he had a folk group, So hopefully we will make quite a large pre concert dinner party.
And I can tell Barry that I was rsponsible for getting 5 more tickets sold, so where is my commission??
John Fowles
I have also now left a private message for Betty

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