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I am certainly no wuss! Vivid nightmares catch us all off guard and you are no exception,ya smart alek! : Just wait,one night you'll go to bed and wake up feeling like you've been hounded by Freddie K! ///

On a more positive note:I once had a wonderful dream about the 1st girl I ever loved. She was in my 5th grade class and I went absolutley bonkers for her. I went around school making a nit-wit of myself trying to be impressive.

Anyway,one night I went to sleep and dreamed that I had a date with her and was preparing a romantic dinner. (Pretty odd since I couldn't cook yet and had no real idea of romance yet.)

While getting it ready,I told my family to please leave so we could be alone. They wouldn't leave so I made them vanish! In no time at all she arrived looking as pretty as she did at school! We sat down to dinner,looking goofy-eyed across the table and then held hands. :

When we were done,still holding hands,I made music come from the stereo (one of those hulking ones that were a prize on The Newlywed Game). We started some kind of slow dance and we danced through the house to my room. Being only 10 all that happened ws we sat on thvery edge of my bed and kissed.

Then,as if a perfect end to the dream,the door slowly closed by itself and then (the wacky part) the whole house blasted off like a skyrocket! I kid you not! I have always had a very vivid imagination,especially as a kid. Well,it's been me and...wait! What's that rumbling? Oh,my! The library's ready for take-off! Yaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

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