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Default Re: NEW PHONE CHAT with CHAR-April 21,2020

Thanks very much, Char, for sharing many details of your recent conversation with Gordon!

I'm very pleased to hear that Gordon is well and apparently in good spirits.​

Based on what I've read and what I saw in the documentary movie Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind, exercise is very important to Gordon ("motion is the potion") so it's great that he's keeping up with an exercise regimen even though his fitness club is closed.​

When you mentioned how cold it was in southern Ontario on April 21 of this year, (
Originally Posted by charlene View Post

CW – I’m freezing my butt off because it’s so cold out!​
GL – Why?​
CW – I’m out trying to garden and it’s too cold so I came in.

it reminded me of the following lyric from Lightfoot's song Fine As Fine Can Be: "You're as cool as the breeze on the last days of April".​

Originally Posted by charlene View Post

GL – We might be able to start back up in the fall. I’ll be happy. I am booked at the C.N.E. (Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto) on the 31stof August. There was going to be 7000 people there. That was going to be my first show starting in the fall if we have to wait that long. If we have to wait until the 31stof August, September and October will be loaded. We’ll be running our butts off.

It would be terrific if Lightfoot performed at the CNE on Aug. 31. My best guess, though, is that the CNE will be cancelled this year as a result of the pandemic.​

Originally Posted by charlene View Post

CW – Congratulations on the SOLO album! Everyone thinks it’s just fantastic and they love the guitar and voice. I love Oh So Sweet, that’s your new legacy song for me!

Char, Is Oh So Sweet your favourite song on the SOLO album (like it is mine)? (So far, on the thread on that topic, I'm the only one who has named a particular song as their favourite on the album.)
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