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Default Re: NEW PHONE CHAT with CHAR-April 21,2020

GL – LOL – they were on a CD I did in ’98. So I used part of it on Harmony and then 2 that I’d been saving to give it 10 for Harmony that I did while recovering from the operations I had. And these other ones I believe I was going to keep for re-writes. That’s why I didn’t choose them for Harmony. But after listening to it I liked the feel so much, my god I can hear my left foot going! Lol
And it was before I had any health issues, my vocals were really good, my guitar playing was really good, Liz and I were still together ya know.
CW – That was 20 years ago – a lot of things have changed in both our lives. I’m a grandmother now! Lol
GL – Oh yeah!!!?? Yeah!!
CW – Yep a little grandson born last May.
GL – Aw!
CW – And you got a great grandson last June, Amber’s little guy Adam.
GL – Yeah – Adam!
CW – So you’re a great grandfather, my mum is a great grandmother. We’re all just great! My little guy lives in British Columbia though so we do video chats.
GL – who’s there with you now?
CW – Lisa
GL – Lisa’s with you? That’s good!! How’s she doing?
CW – She’s doing pretty good but still has some residual problems from the car accident several years ago.
GL – So she’s with you…(sounding concerned – he knows of her accident and always asks for her if she’s not with me and spends time talking with her when she is)
CW – Yep and my son is in B.C.
CW – Did you read Richard Harison’s book, “Once Upon A Red Eye” ??
GL – I was going to say, Yes I am! And it’s so good!! I really LOVE it! I’m on Page 100.
It’s John Allen Cameron, not John P Allan. I get them confused. John P is the guy who plays violin with The Good Brothers. I’m just getting into it now, Richard is doing a couple of pages on him now.
CW – John Allan Cameron, what a character he was.
GL – I’m just starting to read that. I never knew which was which. If it was the violin player or the guy from down eat. I finally learned who was which! Lol
CW – Did you move out of the office on Yonge Street Gordon?
GL – Yeah, yeah we did. I had to move all that stuff and that’s how I found the CD. We got a lot of artwork, photos from that guy from Oklahoma that follows me around with a camera when we play the Heartland. So we got another office.(I believe he was talking about Carl Dunn who has his photos on the new SOLO album and has posted many of his wonderful shots on Facebook)
CW – I’ll have to get the address from Anne for fans/Lightheads to send cards, fan mail etc.
NEW OFFICE at: 1 St.Clair Avenue East, Toronto M4V 2V7
CW – Are you doing any video chats with the family or just on the phone Gordon?
GL – No, no, I’m not bothering to do any of that. There’s certain things I could be doing but I’m happy the way I am.
CW – You don’t mind being on your own?
GL – I’ve been on my own before.
CW – I like being on my own, no one to answer to! Lol So you don’t know when Kim will be home?
GL – I suppose she’ll make it by summer. And when she does that I gotta see if the rule changes about the 2 week isolation period. That might change.
CW – I think that might be around for a while. My mum is in Florida at my sisters’ house since February. We don’t want her coming back to her seniors residence.
GL – No, no! You leave her where she is. How old is she?
CW – She just turned 85 in February.
GL – Ok, she’s safe where she is.
CW – I was surprised you’re doing several phone call tonight and tomorrow night.
GL – I did 3 tonight. Anne gets them lined up, the list is always there and when we get some time we do them.
CW - I wanted to ask you about the little video you did with ALEXA. VIDEO @: GL – Oh! That’s like a toy! I don’t mess with them much.
CW – I have watched it a million times, people love watching you in that video!
GL – That’s good!
CW – And the big billboard at Yonge and Dundas, did you get down to see it?
GL – I got a chance to see it! It was the last time I drove my car. I can’t go to visit Miles, (his son) I can’t go anywhere!
CW – I’m glad you got down to see it! And I’m happy to hear your voice. It’s been a long time since I saw you. It was at the documentary premiere and then the after party.
GL – Yeah!
CW – That was a year ago!
GL – There’s gonna be stuff coming up. Ya know this things gonna blow over to a degree. It might come back but next time they’ll be better prepared.
CW – Let’s hope so.
GL – This time they were unprepared.
CW – I think they’re still trying to figure it out.
GL – They’ve even got General Motors building ventilators!
CW – Yes, that’s right.
GL – Well okay kid, we’ll see you along the path alright?
CW – Alright Gordon, take care and when you talk to Kim say Hi to her for me. That’s about it my dear, we’ll see you down the road Gordon.
GL – Ok!
CW – Love ya and miss ya Gordon!
GL – Love you too and miss you as well Char.
CW – Talk to you later, bye bye Gordon.
GL – Bye Bye..
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