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As many folks have already stated, variety is the spice of life, and I see no reason why Corfid and the NG cannot co-exist in Harmony.

Each group has its own distinct personality and I find both attractive. The drawback of having two forums is that interesting info may not make it to both groups. Then again, what is considered interesting is defined by the personality of the group itself, so perhaps it's no big deal after all.

As for what is considered important, as opposed to just interesting, I think the important news would make it to both groups. We have enough people in both places to see to that.

My personal preference? Well, it's the NG, but it's not a matter of personality. As stated above, I am quite happy with both flavours. I do, however, have very low vision (about 10%). So I manage my mail as much out of need as I do personal habit. Individual mails with my own filing system make my life a heck of a lot easier than reading an internet site, even a well organised one such as Corfid.

Hey, the bottom line, after all, is that we still have a LOT of people interested in GORD. Things are fine just the way they are.

Note to John Fowles -- you do a fabulous job on both lists, and it is sincerely appreciated. By the way, John, I cannot access my home email till perhaps Monday. If you want to copy this over to the NG, feel free to do so.

David in Sweden
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