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Default Re: Gig with Paul Bartlett and Paul Johnston

I absolutely want to do those Waiting For You tunes and Painter Passing and Harmony...


still trying to perfect the 50 I have tried.... I still muff If You Could Read My Mind and I must have played that one live 250 times. The most of all of em.

Practice time usually is hard to find and then decreases in effectiveness by booze...unlike Lightfoot ...I still drink. Going to Johnston's place tonite to give a go at Bend In The Water, Race Among The Ruins, and others. Hell,..I may record it and show you what I mean.

My 7 note range is reducing by one note a year. Try singing Rainbow Trout its very high. I might change the chorus in Winters Night like Gord did in a few tunes. ah...but true believers would not like it.

..great fun all round it.

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