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Default Re: Darcy Farrow (not GL, but he sang it)

Very nice topic Val and about a very nice song.
The John Denver version is my favorite as I'm a big fan of his.
Tempo is the big struggling point I've encountered learning this tune and it's of the utmost importance as I've realized in order to fit all those sweet licks in there leaving enough breathing space to appreciate them.

You might say I'm a bad tempoed guy so the metronome has helped immensely.
That tune flows so beautifully.
Recently I bought the DVD "Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver" as taught by "Peter Huttlinger." He was the lead guitar player in John's band and this DVD gives a step by step instruction guide on haw to pull off those cool notes. "Rocky Mountain High" is on there as well and I really like that one also.
He has a DVD of Gord's material available with eight tunes.
The web site is: Stay loose. Ron J.
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