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Default Re: Darcy Farrow (not GL, but he sang it)

"Performed at the Cook Shack in Union Grove, NC, September 11, 2008" (credit at You Tube). The only thing I can think of that might have been broadcast on PBS was a Mountainstage performance at the Kennedy Center from about 2000. Mountainstage has that video online and Steve & Cindy link to it from their web site, but the quality (I think the encoding, not the original video) is dreadful.

And Sheryl, I most definitely can imagine Gord singing it. It's a story song, isn't it? With a beautiful melody and music adaptable to different arrangements.

My guess is that Ian Tyson taught it to Gord. We know he taught him Nova Scotia Farewell and, interestingly, this song (Darcy Farrow) was written as a class project to imitate an old traditional ballad. I can hear Gord singing it (in my head). Boy, that's something I wish were on a bootleg somewhere!
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