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Default Re: Darcy Farrow (not GL, but he sang it)

Originally Posted by vlmagee View Post

This is only tangentially related to Gord, but sometimes people do post something about other artists here in the main forum, so I am doing so and beg your indulgence (Char, forgive me).

Darcy Farrow is one of the songs that Gord sang live early in his career (late 60s); unfortuntely he never recorded it although many internet "bios" of the songwriter (Steve Gillette, who wrote the song with his friend Tom Campbell) say that Gord recorded a Gillette song. I once asked Steve about that, and he said that he didn't know where that error came from, but yes it must be Darcy Farrow that some people think Gord recorded, and he would be honored if Gord ever did.

The video is from a recent performance, with his wife Cindy Mangsen. I have been asking Steve for a video of Darcy Farrow for at least a year and a half, and he keeps saying he has something somewhere. Somebody has just posted several high quality videos and this one - my favorite song of his - is just a sample. The song was recorded first by Ian & Sylvia, on the same album as the two Gord songs. Quite a wonderful album it was. The most famous recording of the song is John Denver's, who is often thought to be the songwriter. I think this live performance shows that - like Gord with his songs - Steve performs his own songs better than anyone else!

For you guitar players, notice Steve's playing style. He holds the pick with two fingers, and fingerpicks with the others. He's not the only person who does that, but he sure brings it to a high level of perfection!

Their web site is in my signature below, if you want to know more about them or check their tour schedule.
I love that song. A great true acoustic performance by Steve and Cindy.
really nice vocals.
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