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Default Re: 2019 TOUR SCHEDULE CANADA and U.S. dates (so far)

Oh, You would have to post that.

I was born in Rockford in the early 70s. I don't live there now but I still remember one Saturday in mid 70s when my father rather dumped me off at the Coronado Theatre for a day full of live action pap mixed with some cartoon and short films. I vaguely seem to remember that I earned this by some school promotion. Do I remember much of what happened that day? No, I don't. But I do remember it was the Coronado Theater. Screw the PAC.

Interesting though, I look at my work schedule and find that I might very well be able to make it to Rockford to see Gordie on this date, even though I live near 1K miles away now. But, and what a big Butt it is... my employer does not schedule our Required To Be Available To Be On Call Days that far ahead, so I dare not schedule such a thing because I'll probably get screwed in the end.
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