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<< Gord rarely used an opening act, but back then his opening act was Doc & Merle Watson, with T. Michael Coleman on bass. It was a tough act to follow. Gord's lack of verbiage is not new as I'm sure you have learned by now. It sure was nice of your mother to take you to see (hear) him though!>>

Ha! Wasn't it though? And I know about the lack of verbiage. But at that time I was 16, utterly naive, utterly idealistic, and went to the show expecting something that was in my head, as opposed to the realities of being a working, touring musician. (As I think of it, this may have been the first concert of any kind I ever went to by myself.) Reality hit my idealism...and really, when you think about it, it would almost be impossible for me not to be disappointed...such is the innocence of youth. By the time I saw GL again, I had been to many, many concerts featuring all kinds of music, and my expectations at that point were a bit more in line with reality of the live concert performance. (I was a rather solitary youth, so I had only heard GL by myself--I wasn't used to all these people sitting around doing things like talking and *gasp!* applauding!) I have no doubt it was a great show--but I was just thinking in terms of my own reactions at that time in my life.

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