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Default Re: NEW PHONE CHAT with CHAR-April 21,2020

Originally Posted by imported_Next_Saturday View Post
Once again, nice job Char! Also on the new album, I really am liking both "Better Off" and "Return to Dust".
imported_Next_Saturday, I think you and I have similar musical tastes. In the thread "Favourite Song on "Solo" Album" that I started on April 14, I wrote:

"I've listened to "Solo" several times and decided that my favourite tracks on the album (for now, at least) are (in order) "Oh So Sweet" (#1), "Return Into Dust (#2), and "Better Off" (#3)."

Feel free to add your comments to the "Favourite Song on "Solo" Album" thread. (So far, paskatefan (Gail) is the only one to comment on that thread.)
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