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Mary Ann
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There have been only two concerts that I have paid to see and those were in '90 and '95 when I went to see Gord at Chastain Park. However there are a slew of concerts I have worked that rate right up there- Dolly Parton, boy can she work an audience! And there's always Elton John. He has a knack of sounding exactly in concert the way he sounds on an album- which IMHO is not easily accomplished. Then there is this other artist who always brings to mind of a very entertaining evening- and that person is Alice Cooper. Strange as this may seem, he put on a great stage show, not just up there singing. Cher could take lessons from that one! Hers was one of the worst I have ever seen. Most of the time allotted to her was taken up with video clips and costume changes- not worth the big bucks she charged for tickets.

Mary Ann
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