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Default Re: Lightfoot Celebration @ Hugh's Room-January 2013

Originally Posted by T.G. View Post

Songs Of Gordon Lightfoot
Molson Canadian Studio at Hamilton Place
1 Summers Lane, Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y3
that's too bad...i know a few folks (obviously not enough!) who were excited to see this listed in the HECFI promo events way back...would be nice to have heard some of these renditions on a crisp soundstage like this studio room...great for a recording too (if there are ever plans to do a pro video)

i wonder if these out of town event funds are also going to support Hugh's Room...Meaford will be a cool venue...the kid wants to have us trek up there for the Abbamania tribute,'s actually much cheaper also...will check weather

Hughs' is just great when you have good seats...I savour that first special event when Gord was ill...i am wondering what other Hughs' Room regular I'd like to hear do a nifty Gord cover ...I'd like to see Wendel Ferguson in the back up band one year

this year I think Russell deCarle will bring a cool & commanding stage presence

looking forward to the videos and reports as always...sorry I missed ya Ron!

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