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I felt it was obvious that The Pony Man was under-apprecited,as well as over 80% (rough guess) of his catalouge. Don't worry,we agree but we all can't write it.

Hey,Annie! I was only a kid in the 70s but when they were over and the 80s music camee,I did adapt to a good deal of it but missing (from a good deal of it) was true heartfelt emotions. Like hope,happiness,joy & other positives.

It really made me miss the 1970s and so,even though I was an 80s teen,I kind of "adopted" the 70s as my "real" decade. Truth be told,I have more Seventies music,than from any other time. That's one of the main reasons I have learned about and come to appreciate Gordon Lightfoot's music and lyrics.

I've said it before,I now wish I had been listening to it all from at least within the 1st 10 years after hearing Sundown. Makes me wonder why I held Neil Duiamond in such high regard. He was a pretty good sing./songw. too but then he went kinda Vegas and ruined it. Another great thing about Gordon,and we've all said it,he's been as true to himself more than a lot of artists could ever say. Been me. Later.

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