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quote:Originally posted by Sentimental:
Aime, I think you are the jewel. You have such a way of expressing you thoughts about GL. You say so eloquently the same feelings I have about the man. I just always thought other people liked him, but selfishly thought I was one of the few that could simply get lost in his music. I really feel like he formed a lot of my sensitivities and emotions. That's giving him a lot of credit but what I mean is that I learned from him that your actions do have an emotional effect on others.

And now I find that not only do others share my same admiration for him but some of them even know him and have been to some of the places he sings about. Geesh, I can't handle that, I'm overwhelmed! And green with envy.


Yes, and it seems like Gord has this uncanny sixth sense, that he could, from the very early days, capture all aspects of human emotion. It ran the gaumet from deep sadness and despair, to elation, and everything in between. He says SO magnificently, what we all feel, but most of us cannot express quite so eloquently. He is our voice and our hearts respond as one. It is SO wonderful to know that, in spite of all this, he is such a kind and humble man. He is one of us, but he is "special", and always will be.

'Rainy day people always seem to know when it's time to call; Rainy day people don't talk, they just listen, till they've heard it all.'- GL
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