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I pretty much figured I was the only GL fan in NY state prior to the internet. The concerts in NY city would sell out but all year long I could not find another lightfoot fan around town. On some level though, it was much more exciting without knowing about every song before the album came out. The anticipation was part of the excitement. Now the songs get critiqued even before they are officially out. I can remember that the album Painter Passing through - was panned well before it came out and by people who are "fans". It pissed me off because I loved the CD when I got it. In any event there is a lot of good that comes out of the internet including this forum and the now almost defunct newsgroup. That said, the clamore to be the "ones" who are closest to Gord's heart has ruined some friendships and that is sad. In the end, the music is great but individially we likely don't mean jack shit to Gordon Lightfoot or anyone in his inner circle on a personal basis. Not that we should. We are just fans. It would serve most folks here better to remember that and stay friends.
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