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Default Re: Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story

I just watched this on Netflix the other night. There is a short scene that was shot at Gord's old house in Rosedale, upstairs. The camera goes up the staircase and enters a small room where Joni Mitchell and I think Roger McGuinn and Bob Dylan are playing guitars. Joni is singing her song "Coyote". Gordon is seen briefly on camera in the background puffing on a cigarette and then sitting and listening while the others play. He doesn't speak. This party at his house was described in Nicholas Jennings' book "Lightfoot". Gord hosted the party for the Rolling Thunder Revue members at his house when the tour came through Toronto and I guess it was quite a bacchanal. Gord and some of the others retreated to the upstairs room to make some music. The back cover of the book shows Gordon and Bob Dylan jamming in that same room, although that scene didn't make it into the movie.
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