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Default Re: New here, but not to Gordons music

Originally Posted by podunklander View Post
ah Taunton. Well then you are a Baystater too! Plenty of us here on Corfid but I haven't run across anyone who still lives there. I'm just across the border -about 22 miles from the hospital where I was born.

The Sun is quite a place! I was there about a month ago for the Stevie Nicks concert. The new MGM opened this past weekend.

If you're ever by the outside entrance of the 'old' hotel there -you can see a statue of my friend, the late Chief Ralph Sturges...the man that made it all happen. It wasn't too long after Gordon performed at the Sun - I had 1st met the Chief. I had asked him if he had gone to Gordon's show and he was upset, told me that he hadn't known about it .

Let me see if I have any photos to share here:
Yes, been to the Sun too many times, and left much wampum at both casinos. I am on a cut back and now have lost my VIP status too. I gave them both enough, and am tired of the cutbacks in machine percentage payouts and comps. I might go about once a month nowadays. Just is too lopsided to enjoy anymore. I still get some free show ticket offers, but there are only a few performers that I care to see. GL of course, Hal Ketchum, Brandi Carlile, Jonatha Brooke, Roger McGuinn, Mandy Moore (ok don't laugh, she has an excellent voice and has grown up) The Guess Who, The Byrds, and a few others.
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