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Default New here, but not to Gordons music

Hi all, I am an old GL fan and have known Gordon and the band casually since the 1980's. Met them years ago at the old Oakdale Music Theater here in CT. Hung out with them many times backstage and other places. Great bunch of guys. I never got around to the net stuff as there was no forum when I first visited another site bearing his name. I watched it occasionally for news when he was ill. I last saw him at the Mohegan Sun Casino here in CT.. Barry said he loved the place and would be booking it again. I kept watching the Sun site for them but nothing. Finally a friend told me today, she heard he was coming to Ct., but Waterbury instead. So I go online about schedule, and what do I find out, Barry Harvey passed away in Dec.. I am in shock, I had no idea, I liked Barry, a very cool manager, nice guy, and fun guy, I sure will miss him. Last time I saw him he was holding a bucket of quarters which he had just won at the Sun Casino and he was happy as all heck. At least I will always have a good image of my last time seeing him.
As for Gordon, on stage he was excellent as always, and backstage he was very nice and gracious as usual, plus he is always entertaining, as he has a few thousand stories he can tell. He ought to write a book, sure would make for some interesting reading. Well anyway nice to be here and sorry I wasn't sooner.
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