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Sorry to say, but it's too late in the release cycle for that. With very rare occasions, an album will move thru it's up/down cycle within 6 weeks or more. It all comes down to exposure and radio air play, and unfortunately, most artists past 50 or so, just don't get added to station playlists, hence exposure is limited. "Harmony" did a lot for Gordon:1)it let a lot of people know that Gord was still around and still interested in continuing his career 2)for the first time in ages it seems, many music critics took notice of a new Lightfoot album and most liked what they heard 3)it gave Gord's fans their first new Lightfoot product since 1998
4)it reenegerized Gord and I'm convinced aided in his recovery. So "Harmony" may not have set the music charts on fire, but it was a fine exercise in writing and musicianship, and proved to Gord that he can still do it, even if an album's put together in an unconventional way.
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