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I just got logged on here a bit ago,I can't believe what I just read! To think she just had her birthday on July 3rd. It's an odd irony that just a few months ago,I found an excellent copy of Branigan 2,her 2nd LP.

Most know her 1st hit was Gloria in 1982,later featured in the film Flashdance.
Her others were Solitare,(the original)>How Am I Supposed To Live Without You,Self Control,The Lucky One (20 years ago this week),Spanish Eddie and her last hit in '87/'88 (her version of)> The Power Of Love.

The last new song I saw by Laura was in the summer of 1996. It was a new cassette single of Donna Summer's,"Dim All The Lights". I bought it but I don't know if I still have it. I haven't thought of it until now. I didn't really buy her music in my teens because at that time "guys" didn't buy music like hers.

As I would say for anyone and not just famous people,may she rest in peace and may her music and life inspire others.
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