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Aside from kid nightmare's that I outgrew,here's one of the scariest. I had this one in Aug. of '85. I'm walking along somewhere in Phoenix where there are no buildings. Just grass and dirt. I look a certain direction and there's these four men or five and their wearing dark sunglasses & suits. They're carrying shotguns and somehow I know they're looking for me and my family. In the course of the dream I can hear the Tears For Fears song,"Shout" everywhere I go. I'm running home and when I get there I tell my family to hide quickly. I duck into my Mother's closet but they dont do what I said. Next thing is,the closet door rolls open sharply and it's one of those guys. "C'mon!" He screeches at me. I can't really bring myself to describe the rest but let's just say,"eliminated" one by one and not just with their guns either. I then woke up to find my brother had left the stereo on and,"Shout" was playing. I went out into the kitchen and my Mom was at the table and even though I was 17 at the time,I put my head on her lap and bawled! (Bad then,embarrasing now. ) Well,I think for my next post I'll talk about one that was wacky instead. I'm giving myself the chills. Later!

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