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I emailed the local television station that aired this series, including Gord's performance and got this long explanation in response:

Dear Ms. Tomlin,

I do apologize! Out of Rights means- pretty much- not available.

The only current show that sometimes includes Made in Chicago in the title is a single newer Chicago Stories about Jays Potato Chips & Vienna Beef. It is not the program you are looking for at all- it may rebroadcast but the rights agreement entered into by those involved in the effort do not allow for the production of a home video.

The historic Made in Chicago program from the 1970’s that you have described is no longer available to us at this time- the rights generally revert to those who literally produce the program and of course those featured in the program also have rights. That is to say it is not available unless they all make a rather expensive and time consuming effort involving rather a number of a copyright and or contract lawyers to make it so. Unless that was to come to pass we will never show it again. If it did come to pass the project would have to include the understanding that it may become a home video, in order for a video to be produced.

The rights for programs with live music are even trickier. Broadcast rights are about the same but there is an even more complicated and dizzying array of issues and agreements involved with the recording of home video that futures live musical content. Gordon Lightfoot would have rights, as would his all his associates on stage and off. The list of Mr Lightfoot’s associates would include all the music and record companies with which he was and has been involved since then. This would also be true of any other artists that appeared with Mr Lightfoot on the show even if you only heard them. Now the number of interested parties and their copyright and or contract attorneys has therefore increased geometrically and just as soon as they all agree on every possible detail about the project then there might be a DVD and or CD- that is if everyone involved is still interested by then and if there is still funding to move forward.

This sort of thing would generally cost more to execute than it could ever bring in as a fundraising tool.

So, it seems whatever bootleg copy is floating around out there is it, unless EMP had the foresight to record and archive the show in pristine condition themselves.
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