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Default And now for something completely different from the City of the Angels

This obviously has to go in Small Talk despite the fact that it
is partly Gord related in the sense that it is excitingly good music
I was bowled over by one of the entries in Tuesday evening's America's Got Talent.basically I have given up hope of seeing any worthwhile or interesting talent on either of the three such shows. The Voice is decidedy boring with strings of hopelessly under-talented characters, many with odd hairdos etc being praised by the same remarks over and over by the panel. Idol seems to have thankfully faded out but on Tuesday I marvelled as a choir of over one hundred gathered on the stage they then mysteriously began hand movements and then somehow the audience got in on the act then came the familiar song "Africa" (whose original version by the group Toto has long been one of my favoUrites.
Afterwards I realised that I had seen one of those magical television musical events on a par with the quite unexpected intermission in Dublin at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest when Riverdance was sprung on an unsuspecting audience.Today I found that a video of the choir had been uploaded to YouTube and I considered that it was worh presenting on corfid.i hope that many of you will enjoy it
I meant no one no harm

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