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Default Re: Jim Croce/Maury Muehleisen - 35 years

Originally Posted by jj View Post
no, i think you guys are misinterpreting this is the performance and writing style of the song THURSDAY that is paying homage to Lightfoot....when I first toyed with playing that with a friend many, many moons ago we both commented how Gordesque it sounded, check it out

I'd be surprised if you guys dont also think so...what do you think, rm?
To be honest, the way the remembrance was worded, I thought "Thursday" was the song he was referring to. But then the moderator chimed in with "I Got A Name". The lyrics fit like a glove. Since they did fit, I couldn't acquit.

I agree the style of "Thursday" has a Lightfoot feel to it. It's one of the reasons that I've carried it around all these years.
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