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UPDATE: As of now, August 2004, I would recommend Corfid over the newsgroup. I still find multiple places too time consuming, but it works for many people. What follows is my original post from 2002.
Okay, I'm going to say this here one time. Old timers here, please bear with me.

Since Florian started this site there have been two places for Lightfoot discussion; this discussion group and the Usenet newsgroup . The newsgroup has existed for many years, and although the person who started it no longer participates, it enjoys some degree of continued participation among oldtimers and newcomers. It is more visible than a discussion group buried on an otherwise inactive web site (or any web site, in fact), and because it is part of Usenet more newcomers stumble over it.

I have friends on both lists, and some of us here do participate on both, but it is really a shame that we can't get everybody into one group. There are often interesting topics here that the newsgroup would be interested in, and of course the opposite applies as well.

So I will make this one plea to those of you here: can you all come over to the newsgroup? I think you will find it rewarding, and those of you who have never been there will meet many more new "Lightheads".

In the past I have tried to post news both places, but frankly it is time consuming. Cathy has taken up the mantle and occasionally cross posts here for me. But I would really love to see us all together on the newsgroup.

I don't mean to step on any toes. I make this suggestion this once. If you want to visit the newsgroup and don't know how, write to me and I will give you several ways of doing it.

In general, there is a lot more activity on the newsgroup as there are more people there, but it has its quiet days too. Of course if you guys come over, even that would change!

Valerie Magee

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