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Hello, got a few complaints from those who tried to download the Two Tones recording. They kept getting "page cannot be displayed" messages. I kept getting them too, but it is back working now. It seems to have some stability problems. Anyhow, either bookmark the site and keep checking if it goes down again, or remember this url. I just registered it now
If you've bookmarked the site already, or if you bookmark the link, it will save the Sheeken site url into your favorites, but I thought it'd be a nice sounding url for you to use when writing to others or remembering it. Note that there is no WWW in the url, so if you're fond of bringing up web sites with the run dialogue in windows, like I am, then you will need to type in the http:// or it will give you an error that says cannot find that file. So, if you like to click on run and access a site that way, just remember to put the http:// in there. If you're already in Internet Explorer, you can start out with and don't need to put the http:// in there. Hope it's not too confusing, but I just want to cover all the ground for those who may be new to computers. Enjoy it, and keep letting me know what you think of the site. Again, if it's down for a time, I'm aware of the stability issues, so just keep trying.
Thanks a lot.
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