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Hi John,

Funny you should mention Gaby ! I'm glad to hear she's alive but unhappy to hear that she's not been at all well - hopefully she will get better.

It's funny because just the other day whilst running (out on the street, in the cold, for exercise to be precise) I happened to think of Hamilton and her terrible reaction to Canadian Food, which I thought was quite wonderful. Of course there were other factors involved but since the two countries are so related I thought it would be like a hand in a glove, so to speak. But she was not having it, "too greasy" I believe was one complaint among many. Having only been "up there" twice I am no expert but I enjoyed everything I had to eat during both trips.

One thinks of strange things to combat the inherent boredom of 90 minutes on the road and my subject for 10 or 15 that day was Gaby at Hamilton, small world, eh ?

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