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Well,second only to Gord's Aug. - '02 concert here in Phoenix,I'd say the next greatest was KISS' '96 reunion tour,which oddly enough was also in August. Having had very little interest in them as a kid (in the '70's I was more into the Osmonds and other "safe" groups and singers for kids under 12.) After I got older and somewhat more sophisticated in my ideas of good music I liked them a lot more. So,getting to see the originals in make up was a one and only chance for me and it was very exciting to get to share the experience with my 2 older brothers who had gone to their shows when they were young. My brother Frank,who's the biggest fan,basically sat trasfixed on the show and the look on his face was as if he had gone back 17 to 18 years in time and was seeing a '78/'79 show. Safe to say,he had the most fun.////// Now,the worst concert? Try this,Foreigner and The Doobie Brothers on the same bill?! Whoever thought this up must have been nuts! 1st,instead of Foreigner opening the show,The Doob.'s did! They've been around a heck of a lot longer than Foreigner and personally I really don't think their 2 very different kinds of music go together well. It was great to watch The Bros. sing and play their songs because it sounded almost like the then 20 year old recordings. Foreigner on the other hand...well,Lou Gramm just doesn't have it anymore or the outdoor acoustics just don't agree with his voice! My brother and I left that part of the show after about 2 or 3 songs! What a let down! Anyway,those are my worst and best. It's been the B! Peace it Up!

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