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Default Re: 2018 concert dates's the evening of the concert here in Phoenix/
Scottsdale (it's still the 3rd at 5:30pm)the show is at 8pm and,
um....I blew it.

That's right, the show sold out and despite know ingabout this show for over 4 months, I did not get my ticket. Why?

Good reasons :
Mine and my wife's wedding
Working and not a lot of extra time

Lousy reasons :
The usual bills with an extra here and there.
Tax return (thanks to a certain someone) lower then in past

Worst reason : I didn't think it was going to sell out and I could probably just go to
the box office and get it the day before or same night. (Yeah, could've bought online too. )

Overall though, I had days off and at certain times had the
money but it eventually went for necessities. Y'know food, bills and transportation.

I already have regrets but I can only hope a bigger regret
never happens. I still want one more change to see him perform again.

...but for tonight, Gordon and co.will be a mere 11 to 12 miles from my home, where I'll be watching TV with Lauren, having dinner and going to bed to get up for work tomorrow.

Sorry I missed you Gordon. Keep my fingers crossed for next time.
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