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Originally Posted by jj View Post
All the very best and glad to hear there may be a bright light in the offing. I hope a brother matches or perhaps an unrelated match.

I only joined the registry in recent years and hope others do so "someday". Someday is Today

Give blood. Fill out your organ donor card.
You'll sleep well and bounce out of bed each day.
Well I'm still working on the latter. Lol

And most importantly, goodluck with the wifi!!! Take care.

I joined the registry in 1993 - a year after I lost my beloved aunt/godmother to leukemia. You had to give a blood sample back then. I've never been called though. Been a blood donor since I was about 20 and, timely enough, just added organ donor to my newly issued federal ID! It's such a good feeling after you donate blood just knowing that someone somewhere is getting stronger because of you.

Good luck with everything, fezo.
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