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Happy Birthday!
I hope the coming years find you in good health, with a happy heart and a knowledge that you and your music mean more to so many people than they could ever express. The accomplishment of touching the world with your talent is astounding. Meeting you in Orillia this past July was truly an honour for me and one I will never forget. I understand you heard my name from town to town this summer from fellow Lightfoot lovers who came to see you. I find this quite amusing seeing as I have been a fan for 30 years, live up the road from Toronto and always kept my distance! Except for Hallowe'en 1993 when I dropped by with my children! It has been a true joy to have had your music in my life all these years and I rest easy knowing that I always will. I hope this finds you surrounded by your loving family and true friends. Know that all of us will be there in spirit, toasting a light in all our lives - you.
Charlene Westbrrok
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