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Erik in Wyoming
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I have just recently gotten online and this is one of the first sites I found and after reading through all of the posts I'm amazed and gratified that there are so many people who love Gordon's music so well. I'm especially inspired by Donaldfluffy's post.
"The abuse that we must stand is often Heaven sent" -GL

As far as a favorite Lightfoot song is concerned I agree with most of you: there's just no such thing. When I was going to college at the University of Wyoming I used to make the 7 hour drive listening to nothing but Gordon Lightfoot and never hear the same song twice. And that's what's so amazing about his music. They're ALL good!

But I do have a favorite:
Bells of the Evening from the Cold on the Shoulder album.
To me it epitomizes everything we love about his music: the lyrics, the melody, the imagery, the voice.

Mr. Lightfoot, may you have a speedy and full recovery. May all the joy that you've given all of us over the years be returned to you.
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