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Default Re: CASINO RAMA SETLIST - Apr.20,2012

As my friend Deb and I pulled into the Casino Rama parking lot it started to rain..just a wee bit tho. At the last minute as I headed out the door I had grabbed an umbrella and within minutes of trying to find a parking spot the deluge had started..Good grief it was coming down in buckets and the wind was picking up. Our parking spot was about half way back to my house which is 90 minutes south of Orillia, and the walk to the casino saw us both hanging on for dear life to our umbrellas and our pants sopping up every drop of water on the pavement. Our pants were soaked to the knees! Oh well, we were early so headed in to find our seats and look around and start to dry out! The hall is huge with lots of removable soft seats on the floor and raised seating behind them. The raised seating all folds away by remote control so the hall can be used for a variety of things including curling.

Soon enough it was 9 pm and the hall was full to capacity of 5,000, the lights dimmed and as usual the boys in the band walked out, followed by Lightfoot in black pants, boots, blue waistcoat and what seemed to be a white shirt but later on backstage I saw it was a soft pink.

He looked full of confidence, big smiles showing on the giant screens on either side of the massive stage. He wasted no time getting into his 90 minute set and started with Sweet Guinevere. He kept things rolling along and didn't have much to say all evening other than thank you and we love the work. He did say the old chestnut of the next tune was an ethereal one that was reviewed in Field & Stream which got a big laugh. After Restless was over he said he would be doing it at the Songwriters Hall of Fame event in June and he'd see how that goes over down there! Blase, blase he muttered... and someone else would do another of his tunes 'cuz that's how they do things. I'm sure there weren't more than a few people who knew what he was talking about..

At one point he mentioned how fortuitous they were to be able to still be out touring. The crowd was a bit vocal with a few shout outs of "Welcome Home", "we love you" and a few singalongs and clapalongs in some tunes. He did seem winded singing CRT and Cotton Jenney. Overall he was full of smiles and seemed very, very happy. He's had a very busy time with all the interviews with press/paper/radio/tv promoting the LIVE CD but is very proud of how it has turned out. He never mentioned the new CD from the stage at all.

After a very fast 90 minutes we headed backstage where it seemed all 5,00 people in attendance were lining up with photos to get a picture snapped, and a quick autograph. In reality there were about 50 and Warren had them hustling in and out in record time. It was nice to chat with a few familiar folks including his lovely new lady, the guys in the band (Carter was a no-show) and just stand back as I usually do and watch Gordon interact with his fans. Despite being aware of the large number of people he met every individual with a smile and welcome and a quick word or two without flagging at all. It's quite remarkable. When everyone was finished I snuck into view and was received with a Hi CHar! and hug. I told him he sounded terrific and looked very happy. A wee bit of a hair trim might be in order but I didn't mention

I joked with him about the last week or so being an "all Gord/all the time" thing when I have opened the papers, watched tv, listened to the radio and read Macleans magazine. He said "well I have the new CD to sell!"...

That's when I kidded him about when it would be my turn to come over to the house and do an interview...he said the record company set it all up with the press and I laughed because the last thing he needs to do is explain things to me...I said "I'm givin' ya the gears Gordon!"..." but another phone chat would be nice." He said, "We can do that!, we can get caught up!".. So that's something to look forward to.We can commiserate over our Leafs and then talk He also said "thanks for keeping it all out there CHar!”

A few pictures were snapped, a quick hug and goodbyes all around and we were headed out to walk thru the parking lot in the light rain that was falling.

Seeing Lightfoot perform in the area where he grew up as a youngster in a time so different than we live in now makes me thankful that there was that moment when a young small town boy made a life decision to become a singer/songwriter. The influences of his surroundings have stayed with him and are reflected in every phrase and melody of his songs. Songs that still make us sigh, songs that make us cry, songs that make all of our senses come alive and transport us to moments in our own lives. These are gifts from a master wordsmith and musician.

Having The Man still touring and bringing his life to us is a remarkable gift. I feel like it's Christmas morning every time the lights dim and then shine onto the gift in my own life that is Gordon Lightfoot. I'm hoping that 2012 allows me to Tag Along many more times to see my gift.

last pic: Gordon was telling me that we can do another CHat with CHar..
I was giving him the gears about all the Toronto press-paper,tv,radio,magazines all going to the house to their interviews in the last couple of weeks and was wondering when it would be my turn..
He laughed and said that it was all set up by the record company and they all showed up on one day at the house taking turns.
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