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Originally posted by Tristan:
If anyone know where I can find a set list please help me out. Thanks.
Yes Tristan in the immortal words of Howard Hughes at his congressional hearing "I do believe I do"
All it took was a simple visit to the relatively somewhat inactive and therefore unfairly derided newsgroup at:-
and bingo the very latest thread starting at:-
is my oh my surprise surprise entitled
"Detroit concert Aug 12"
which includes a great review by "Brian" interspersed with the complete set list which he does say might not be in the exact playing order.
When you have read that click on "show options"
and select "view thread" to see the two replies (so far) by corfid posters and chat room stalwarts (ok less of the warts) Char and Anne from OK.
You could then anyone here so inclined quickly register yourself with google groups and add your own reply.
No doubt in due course the reliable scribe at

one Wayne Francis who started the newsgroup way back when will add the Det-Troy-It setlist to his listings as he already has for the previous night's concert at Interlochen.
As far as I know that setlist has so far only been published by Kathy in her corfid topic at:-;f=1;t=003344
which would appear to indicate that Wayne lurks here!!
If so stranger since it is very many moons since you posted to the Newsgroup hows aboot you posting a reply here??
John Fowles
Sit down young stranger...(Wayne)
at your keyboard
And tell us where you been
adapted fom the lyrics at:-
Hey I like that site's domain name!
go to:-
then search for "gordon Lightfoot" and up comes not one but fifty GL songs . recognition in a big
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