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Quoting BILLW.... "Well Gitchigumee it just goes to show that the ONE thing we ALL have in common here is a love of all things LIGHTFOOT. Once we stray from that common ground our interests are quite varied and rarely overlap."

I beg to differ on the "interests ....rarely overlap", BILLW. For example there is a thread a mile long on aviation. then check the later portion of this tread! Who would have ever thought there would be such keen interest in the historical significance (sp) of Fairfax Co. VA etc, etc....
This is not even to mention that the average Corfidian possesses no ability to stay on topic!!! How on earth do you start with a discussion on the origins of the name "corfid" and end up in Fairfax Co VA??? with much more info about our first president, George Washington, that I didn't know before! Oh yeah, not to mention the bit of insight into the "Brit-Aussie dynamic". This thread went all over the place!!!
In summary,We have enough in common to bind us, and enough diversity to keep it interesting!! So I'll keep coming back for more of the same... sounds familiar??
Bless you all and keep you on the road to tenderness
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