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Originally posted by byKimberly:
Janice, Everyone that listens to them ends up a fan. The neat thing is that he surrounds himself with topnotch musicians and they all seem to be in heaven while they play. Dave is very non-controlling and so everyone does what they love and it's infectious to the audience. He has like 3 different sets of musicians that play with him on a regular basis. One includes a monster electric guitar player, another a pedal steel player, and another that has played or plays keyboard with Todd Rundgren. They may already have a following in SD. Who knows? Did you see all his awards?
Unfortunately, the biggest problem here in San Diego is getting folks to come out to hear someone they're not already familiar with. It seems they would rather stay home and watch Lavern and Shirly reruns instead of taking advantage of our money back guarantee and giving someone "new" the chance to WOW them

That's one of Carey's biggest frustrations when trying to fill our calendar.

I did notice his awards. I also noticed on his tour page, that he doesn't seem to venture very far south - as a matter of fact all of his gigs listed through September of this year are within 50 miles of San Francisco. Which is no big deal other than one of the major factors in booking an act is that they have to be touring in the area to begin with - or be close enough to home to make it financially worth the round trip. It serves no benefit to the performer to book a gig in San Diego unless they have multiple gigs between here and home.

That said and with no promises, I'll still loan Carey the CDs I bought and have him listen, because I know he'll enjoy the music even if nothing else comes of it.
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