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Default Re: Red Shea

Originally Posted by Jesse Joe View Post
And on {Early Lightfoot} the song "Day Before Yesterday" and of course "Negotiations" like you did mention are written by Les Pouliot...
Not so fast Omer. Yes I did forget that The day Before Yesterday was a;lso a Les Pouliot composition is in point of fact the one Chateau single that failed to be included on the AMF "Early Ligfhtfoot" album.
Another interesting point is that my old acquaintance in the UK Brian Walters as part of a frenzied effort in the 1999 time frame to colleect everything by Gord found a rare copy of the UK release of this single:-
when he reported this single's existance to EMP Brian was amazed to be told that they were unaware of it!!

Anybody who followed up my link to the Red and Les Trio will now know that there is yet another Les Pouliot composition around

I now know why my old Holly friend Shawn Nagy is credited on that page and that he was trying to contact Red about that single when he died
Shawn did however supply a 32 second clip of the "A" side" (Marlene) ??m ??

such profound lyrics too!!
"I have never seen a girl like you Marlene"
I'll say no more of his other tentative and frustrated plans for GL material as I do not want to steal his thunder so I'll now reply to him to encourage him to become a member here and elaborate
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