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Martyn Miles 09-23-2019 08:48 AM

The Mariners’ church in Detroit
Sitting listening to Gord’s Gold 2, I was wondering about the Mariners’ church mentioned in ‘The Wreck...’

I looked it up on the Internet and was fascinated by its history and architecture.
Not to mention the Services and Events that take place there.

Have any contributors to this Forum been to the Mariners’ church, or attended a
Service for the lost 29 from the Edmund Fitzgerald?

paskatefan 09-25-2019 05:12 AM

Re: The Mariners’ church in Detroit
Well, we didn't get to visit the Mariners' Church when we were in Detroit this past January (for the US National Figure Skating Championships), but we took pictures of the outside of the church, the sign, & the historical marker there. It was a snowy day, and it looked like the church was closed that day (there was a significant amount of snow in front of the entrance, and it looked like a path wasn't shoveled @ that point when we were nearby).


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