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Mike M 05-18-2001 07:57 PM

This is a interestng web site that has allot of information about many artist and all types of music. Do check out the Gordon Lightfoot part. You can see a complete history of all the recordings with reviews of each LP/CD, in print and out of print. Just a great web site over all for finding out all types of information.

Tom 05-23-2001 10:02 PM

Mike M,
Thanks for the fab link! I'm learning alot of new things about my favorite artists. I'm into "The Troggs" right now & it gave alot of helpful info about styles, roots, etc.

FYI-Since Napster has been virtually shut-down you can still find plenty of Gordon Lightfoot file-sharing going on at:
or www.bearshare.com

"...If YoU fEeL iT yOu BeTtEr BeLiEvE iT, yOu'Re GoNnA sEe It, YoU nEeD tO kNoW/iT iS rIsInG lIkE a FeAtHeR, dIpPiNg & DaNcInG fRoM bElOw/ThErE's A nEw WaVe ThAt Is BrEaKiNg In ThE wAkE oF a PaSsInG sHiP/eVeRy NaTiOn'S gOnNa Be ShAkEn, PuT iT tOgEtHeR, dOn'T lEt It SlIp..."

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