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geodeticman 02-21-2006 06:26 AM

OOPS i accidently replied to my own posting - duhhhh newbie hilarities.
Here is what I meant to post on the forum proper:

Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Forgive me while I learn to use this forum properly and reply to each in relevent form. In absence of this yet, I hope this will temporarily suffice. If you'll all permit, a few questions
were handed my way in reply to my test posting, and I'll summarize the answers to a few comments that seemed prevelant from several:

my handle - geodeticman . OK it (the answer) is boring, but I heard some realfun speculation on this. A few of you mixed up "geodeSic" with my "geodeTic". My profile shows me as a.. oh boy...GIS Mapping Scientist. in real english - computer map maker, analyst, programmer, and - here it is - GeodeTic surveyor. its origin - the subject of geodesy, is the study of the size and shape of the earth, its topography, and its gravity variations. Not to be confused with "geodesic" which while mathematically overlapping, is the construct that one of you thought I meant - i.e Bucky Fuller's geodesic dome and great historic objects you pulled some
fun pics on.

I really did not mean to walk my GL brethren into my (yawn) technical
life , but the Q's were interesting on my name.

Yes Iron,
you and the rest CAN call me GEO or - I like the other asked of - G-man - I've
always been government employed. (boo's and jeers and rotten vegetables being
pelted lol ).

Borderstone - the new song from Songbook, or are you a fellow surveyor or geodesique ? ?

Thanks to those of you who responded regarding my recovering from brain injury ,
I will soon figure out how to reply to each of you in turn in the multitude of
ways the forum offers. For now please foorgive my bolloxed-up replies in the
wrong fashion; poor memory (the head injury) and thans so much for the warm welcome by all.

- "the power in this no-man's land of chance is the someone who knows what they're do'in.
- paraphrased maybe - I used in a graduation address. Believe it or not, some GL fan's evidently graduating back then in the assembly revealed they new the song of origin - and hollered out various Gord-isms. You may all now shoot me for the most loquacious verbal holocaust in a chat room. just wanted to answer a few Q's and tip-o-the-hat to all who welcomed me. - G-man aka Geo-man aka ZZZzzzzz

johnfowles 02-21-2006 01:44 PM


Originally posted by geodeticman:
Not to be confused with "geodesic" which while mathematically overlapping, is the construct that one of you thought I meant - i.e Bucky Fuller's geodesic dome and great historic objects you pulled some
fun pics on.

you and the rest CAN call me GEO or - I like the other asked of - G-man -

Sorry to use the incorrect word oh G-Man.
Now to avoid confusion please everybody note that in Lightheadland the original albeit unhyphenated gman (actually like David Gates of Bread a "guitarman") is one Peter Alicia from PA who is a member (#1012) here see:-
also a possibly deleted topic from a year ago at:-
Peter has often posted on the Newsgroup
Not only that but Peter A frequently appears in the Friday evening chat as gman so if you were to come in too as g-man there might well be untold confusion especially in the minds as such simpletons as the Sydney hooligan
John Fowles
P.S. Just what is a "daug" you are so fond of?

geodeticman 02-21-2006 09:57 PM

John ,
I sure did not mean to be "me deep" in conversation when responding to the mild confusion on geodeticman versus geodesic; no problem on the handle question. Rather, I was impressed by the trouble you went to, to research the mildly related term geodesic - never saw some of those pictures before. You seem technically-oriented, so I would direct your interest if remaining on geodeTic by logging in to National Geodetic Survey , aka U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey , a branch of NOAA, the (US) national ocean and atmospheric administration that measure the geodesy of the earth, continental drift, gravitational models of the earth etc, as opposed to land surveying where earth curvature and gravity are not allowed for. Sorry did not mean to to wax technobabble on you, but you showed strong interest. Also, wise words on the ambiguity posed by Gman. I'll stick with the other request then made to shorten my name - geoman, without the hyphen as you suggest. To amswer the question re: "daug", I slipped and hit send by accident before I could key "daughter" of mine who is the apple of my eye. She is 23 now, doing great in the big scary world, and is marrying soon. I never knew exactly how much the father's traditional part in marriage funding was until it started recently...... Thanks for all your help John, humbly - Steve er,,,geodeticman hmm Yoda must ponder the name.

walls 02-21-2006 10:40 PM

maybe it's me, but I lost the point, let alone the rationale, of this posting. I don't mean to be negative because I encourage all views, dialogue, and discussion of the greatest artist, poet, and songwriter of my generation. I had my first listen in 1967, and the music, lyrics, melodies, and social relevance have been sustained over the past 40 years. I want to hear lightfoot, not technobabble, even though this man was before his time when the environment and ecology were considered relevant in our society.

walls 02-21-2006 10:52 PM

I've lost patience because I've tried once before to enter this message. In fact, I've entered this in another post because of that frustration. I have tried to explain my position and ideas relative to lightfoot and his music from the purchase of my first album in 1967 until now. I wanted to discuss technobabble v. lightfoot's consistent, yet sincere, concern about ecology and the environment. In fact, he was a forerunner on so many issues; racial equality, peace, the disgrace of war, etc. Steve, cut the techno BS, go back to 1967, listen to the 19 albums prior to Harmony, and you'll have a wonderful sense of the man, the poet, the artist, who is, without question, not only the father of Canadian folk music, but an influence upon Dylan, Rush, and Buffet.

Sheryl 02-22-2006 12:51 AM

Geoman, congrats in advance to your daughter! I can't even imagine that feeling you'll get when she walks down the aisle... Will she be playing Lightfoot at the wedding? (by the way, love your informational posts)


charlene 02-22-2006 07:42 AM

Yes - congrats on your daughters nuptials and the incredible recovery you have made. Much like our Cathy we are very glad you are here.

What an interesting career you have - I've enjoyed the lessons, even if some of it doesn't penetrate my brain! Most folks here are polite and welcoming and very gracious souls with a keen interest in all things Lightfoot but we like to know the person behind the name too.

Sometimes there isn't a point to anything - just a nice feeling that someone new has come into our lives and is willing to share a part of themselves. Continue to share yourself with all of us knowing we are a diverse bunch, some more patient and polite than others and some not so much but for most of us we welcome your intelligent, well stated manner in letting us know you a little bit better.
one of my fave "Gordisms" is:
"Rainy day people don't talk they just listen till they've heard it all."


SilverHeels 02-22-2006 10:20 AM

Hey Walls, lighten up. :)

And Geo-man, welcome back! Great news about your daughter. Look forward to hearing all your news.
Keep your posts coming.

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