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dray7austin 06-30-2016 09:12 PM

Lightfoot DVD's
I've noticed on YouTube that there is a "live" concert called Gordon Lightfoot Soundstage 1979 as well as another titled "Talking in Your Sleep". The later I'm told has been released on DVD as a bootleg but the quality is poor. Does anyone know if Gordon is planning on releasing these himself? For a legend who has shared 50 years of music with us fans , I'm really surprised there aren't more licensed DVD's. BTW. I did purchase "Harry Tracy" on Amazon. Gord's a natural. Great movie! But can someone let me know if they have heard about any DVD releases in the future. Thank you. David Ray

charlene 06-30-2016 09:29 PM

Re: Lightfoot DVD's
Those concert videos are nothing that Lightfoot was involved with in their production or release on YouTube... No word of any new CD's or DVD's being released at any time.
the Talking in Your Sleep is an excerpt from the BBC 1972 airing (recorded in late 1971)
of his TV special. The whole special is at:

johnfowles 07-01-2016 09:42 AM

Re: Lightfoot DVD's
[quote=charlene;189283]No word of any new CD's or DVD's being released at any time.

Yes and No!!!
there is or was a video project underway involving Gord that was originated by the late Beatles producer Sir George Martin who passed away back in March
That project has been mentioned by Gord and was reported on in a thread at
which included this

Originally Posted by imported_Next_Saturday showthread.php?p=143271showthread.php?p=143271
Is this the video you're talking about?

Brilliant sleuthing INS yes there were several links that I found and I think I actually used that Access Hollywood link in a previous draft reply that I promptly mislaid. Noteworthy was George's aside that it will not air until 2010 and that he might not therefore live to see it

of course he dd not live to see it
I have kept thinking wistfully about that planned Sir George Martin documentary that Gord was allegedly involved with and in a recent Google search I found an update from March this year subject:-
Watch a Tribute to George Martin from His Final Project, 'Soundbreaking'
"Soundbreaking: Songs from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music is scheduled to reach audiences later this year, when the documentary makes its broadcast debut via PBS. Plans currently call for a November 2016 premiere, with further details to be revealed during the project’s SXSW presentation
also worth watching is

George Martin's Legacy
one of the comments led me to more Googling and I found
Gord is included as are two dudes named Heffernan and Keane!!
I also stumbled upon
which included this poignant comment
"George Martin.
With the passing of Sir George Martin, the world lost a remarkable human being who touched so many people. His inspiration, vision and genius was behind some the world’s most beloved music – music that continues to shape our lives. The timing of his passing was particularly poignant for us as it came only six days before the premiere of Sir George’s last, and one of his most personal, projects – Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music.
The original concept for Soundbreaking came from Sir George Martin. He believed that the remarkable evolution of recording technologies is one of the most important stories of the twentieth century, and one that needs to be told. He was looking forward to seeing the series reach a global audience. Appropriately, Soundbreaking will now serve as one of the many ways the world can celebrate the life and legacy of Sir George."
Under the episodes tab on that web page are links to extensive details of all eight planned episodes but not one however mentions Gord
I have tried to edit my draft notes for this posting carefully but apologies if anything that I have said above is duplicated

Dan O'Malley 07-01-2016 01:27 PM

Re: Lightfoot DVD's
Whats happening with the movie that was due to appear at the TIFF a couple of years back??? We need a Lightfoot documentary!!!

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