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Rob1956 03-13-2020 05:38 PM

Solo date change
I just got notified by Amazon that the delivery of the Solo album has been delayed to April 3. I don't know if it's for the LP or the CD or both, since I ordered both.

Off Yonge Street 03-15-2020 12:06 PM

Re: Solo date change
I'm sorry to hear, Rob, that the delivery of the "Solo" album for you will be delayed.

Yesterday, I received a message from Amazon Canada indicating that, because of the "new release date", the "Solo" CD would shipper sooner than originally expected:

"We have received new release date information related to the order. The item listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected based on the new release date."

For me, the new estimated delivery date is Thursday, March 26, 2020 to Wednesday, April 1, 2020. (I often received deliveries from Amazon Canada before the estimated delivery date.)

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